September 2023 meeting


September 2023 meeting was well attended with 16 members present.

This months meeting was a relaxed affair with no real fixed agenda with all members contributing to a variety of topics which included a in-depth discussion as to why this years breeding season has not been at its best for most members. No real conclusion was reached as most breeders use different approaches to breeding with mixed success.

There was a lively discussion revolving around this years shows.Most members  a good show season with some members with multiple major awards at the shows around the area.  It  would be no surprise if the club collectively had easily won the most CC’s in the region. It was noted that Judges this year appeared to be less inclined to give the major awards to the large heavily feathered birds favoured in previous years. Most members were pleased with this apparent new direction 

Final preparations were made for the forthcoming Lincolnshire and East Anglia Budgerigar Society Specialist and Rare Variety Open show,which Ipswich BS were Hosting on 7th October

The Chairman Ghalib All-Nasser Presented John Gibbens with the David Raffis Plate.This Plate is given  annually to the member who is awarded the most points for placement of young bird entries at the Ipswich Show 

points allocated as below


1               J. Gibbens (16)

2                P & S Stevens (13)

3                S & B Squires (12)

4                D. Gardiner (11)

5                M. Locking (10)

6                 D. Dunnage (5)

7                 Baker (3)               



Rafis Plate from Ghalib Al-NasserJohn Gibbens reveiving the David

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