2020 annual General Meeting



This years AGM was very well attended on 23rd January2020

As below (in no particular order)

John Gibbens,Peter and Sandra Stevens,Richard Mann,Graham Barton,George McMillan,Andrew Brooks,Bill Hewitt,Dave Stephenson,Geoff Murrells,Alan Baker,Martin Frost,Brian Boyes,Bill Squires,John Fordham,Hary Fordham,Ellisse Fordham,Sue Boyes,Ghalib and Janice Al-Nasser,Mark Cotton,David Rafis,Paul Hopkins,Denis and David Collins,Gran t and Maggie Findley (Guests)

Members welcomed the B.S Society Administrator Grant Findley and his wife Maggies.They were visiting Ghalib and Janice who brought them along to the meeting.

Bill Squires the Club Chairman opened the meeting at 7.45pm.All current Officers submitted their reports. Sandra Stevens term as President had come to an end and formaly handed over the role to the new President Ghalib Al-Nasser.

Brian Boyes stated that he could no longer give sufficient time to the role as Society Secretary and was standing down. sue Boyes The Treasurer was also unable to make a commitment as their busy lives were taking them away from home.They were thanked by the members for their comitment to the club over the past years.

A new club Officers role was confirmed as the Web site Controller.

The election was then made for the following posts

President (previously elected) Gahlib Al-Nasser.

President Elect – David Rafis

Chairman – Bill Squires

Vice Chairman – George Mcmillan

General Secretary/Web site Controller – John Gibbens

Treasurer/Membership Secretary – Sandra Stevens

Show Manager – George McMillan

Show Secretary – Peter Stevens

Patronage Secretary – Steve Squires

Publicity Officer – David Rafis

Social Secretary = Sandra Stevens

during the meeting Ghalib All-Nasser was appointed by the chairman as the Annual Show Controller (2020).

Following refreshments the normal meeting began.Bill covered the proposed Diary of events for 2020 (see separate post).

The Annual show is to be on 26th July with Appoited judges of Chris Snell,Brian Scott,Alan Mitchel and Ron Payne.

Gren and Pat Norris will be attending the October meeting for a presentation and to Judge the Perter Swindle Competition.

The evenening Completed the Chairman wished every one a safe journey homeand good luck for the 2020 breeding and showing season.

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