Ipswich Budgerigar Society Events Diary 2018.

Suffolks Premier Club for Budgerigar Keepers.

Meeting at the Constable Hall, Gandish Rd, East Bergholt.

19:45 – 22:00.

New Members are always welcome.


January 25th –     AGM and Member of the Year.

February 22nd – Speaker – Gavin Carter – local judge and wealth of knowledge.

Colour Comp –  Class 1- Any Normal Green Series bird Inc. Grey Green.

Class 2- Any Normal Blue Series bird Inc. Grey.

Class 3 – Any Pied Variety Inc Dark Eyed Clears.

March 22nd –       Members Panel Night – Test their knowledge / gain some advice.

April 26th –           Whats my Bird? – Fun night

Colour Comp-     Class 4 – Any  Normal Cinnamon or Opaline Cinnamon.

Class 5 –               Any Colour Spangle Inc. Double factors

Class 6 –               Any Red eyed Variety.

May 12th / 13th – Aviary Visit  – details to be finalised.

May 24th –           Speaker – Harry Hockaday – a night not to be missed.

June 10th –           Annual B.B.Q and club show at Peter and Sandra’s at Langham.

June 28th –           Members night and Judging comp

July 26th –            Pre –Show prep and Update.

July 29th –            Annual Open Show – Our 50th Show.

August 23rd –      Speakers – James and Sandra Gillan – World Champions.

Sept 27th –            Essence of a Pair and Pairs night.

Colour Comp-     Class 7 – Any Opaline Blue or Green series Inc Grey Factor.

Class 8 –               Any Rare Variety.

Class 9 –               Any Yellow-face Variety

Oct 25th –             Speaker – Geoff Tuplin – a fantastic speaker and a rare opportunity for Members and Pete’s Swindle

Nov 15th –            Auction and Social Evening.

Dec 13th –             Xmas Meal.

Jan 24th 2019 –    AGM.


Meetings held at the constable memorial hall, Gandish Rd East Bergholt, Suffolk CO7 6TP.

Jan 26th 2017-                AGM.

Feb 23rd 2017-               Member of the year & It’s A knock- out (please bring birds)

Mar 23rd 2017-               Member competition involving rare and specialist birds

April 27th 2017-              Genetics, Specialists and rares. An evening with Ghalib including Specialist and rare bird table show.Please see the
rare show scheduled on this web site under shows on this web site. Please support
this and bring a few rare birds for members to see

May 23th 2017-               Trip to tropical Wings, South Woodham Ferrers Essex.

May 25th 2017-               Speaker (tba)

June 11th 2017-              Bar-b-que @ Peter and Sandra Stevens Young Stock Show Judges engaged- World Champions James and Sandra Gillan.

June 22nd 2017-               An evening of education in the art of Preparation for showing – With our very own Sandra Holden. Including all normal
birds table show (normal/Opaline/Cinnamon)

July 2nd 2017-                Ipswich BS hosting the LEA Specialist and Rare Show – Gt Blakenham.( Judges Gavin Carter and Ian Standley) A talk with Alan Marchant and question and answers with Alan and Jim Huxley.

July 27th 2017-               No Meeting.

July 30th 2017-               Open Show – Gt Blakenham Village Hall. Judges (Linda and Terry Jukes, Ian Thorogood, John Lees).

Aug 24th 2017-               Show Debrief – Pairs Night – Colour comp- Opaline, Cinnamon and Opaline Cinnamons in any colour.

Sept 28th 2017-              In house quiz- Colour comp table show.

Oct 26th 2017-                Speaker and Peter’s Swindle.

Nov 16th 2017-               Please note Meeting a week earlier- Auction and Bird sale  and social evening.

Dec 14th 2017-               Christmas meal.





January 28nd       AGM.   

February 25th      Member of the Year and Breeder of the Year plus in house speakers Steve &   Bill Squires.   (Confirmed).

March 24th           Visiting Speaker Pigeon Vet from Colchester (Confirmed) plus Table top             competition: –  Any Normal   blue, green and grey series birds.

April 28rd             Social evening + Non showable bird’s i.e. long flights/tails, flecked etc.

May 26th              Knockout competition (Geoff arranging) plus table top competition: – Opaline, Cinnamon and Cinnamon Opaline any colour.

June 12th             Annual BBQ ~ plus Young Stock Show at Peter & Sandra’s. Members &        Partners free, additional guests £5. Judge: Andy Falconer.  (Confirmed).

June 23th             Visiting Speaker Keith Leedham. (Confirmed).

July 28rd               Pre show evening plus open social evening to include Table Top Show for Red eye, Spangle, Dominant Pied and Yellow-faced.

July 31th              OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW Great Blakenham Village Hall, Mill Lane, Great Blakenham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP6 0NJ. Judges Ghalib and Janice Al-Nasser, Mick Freakley and Michael Chapman (Confirmed).

Aug 25th               Show debrief plus table top competition consisting of current year rung birds ring No 1-20 and colour competition any other colour + rares.

Sept 22th               In house speaker “Wildlife photography talk” by Brian (Confirmed).

Oct 27nd                Peter’s “Swindle” nominated ring competition. Prizes 1st £60, 2nd £40, 3rd £25 Judge:-  Bev Hutt  (confirmed).

Nov 17th               Social evening, plus auction and sale of birds and equipment evening. *

Dec TBA               Christmas function (TBA).

Jan 26th 2017        AGM.




January 22nd       AGM   

February 26th      Member of the Year and Breeder of the Year plus “In house quiz”

March 26th           Visiting Speaker: Ian Fordham

Table top competition:- Any Normal  green, blue and grey series birds.

April 16th             Interclub Quiz (Brian as quiz master)

May 28th              Knockout competition (Geoff arranging)

Table top competition:- Opaline, Cinnamon and Opaline Cinnamon.

June 14th             Annual BBQ ~ plus Young Stock Show at Peter & Sandra’s.      Members &    Partners free, additional guests £5. Judge: Dave Leadbetter.                                      

June 25th             Visiting Speaker: Beverley Hutt ~ Budgerigar Society President,

Table top competition:- Redeye, Spangle, Dominant Pied and Yellow Face.

July 23rd               Pre-show evening plus open social evening.

July 26th              OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW  Great Blakenham Village Hall, Mill Lane,      Great Blakenham,  Ipswich, Suffolk, IP6 0NJ. Judges engaged: Beverley Hutt, Jeff Attwood,

Brian Reese and Maurice Roberts.


Aug 27th               Show debrief plus table top competition consisting of current year rung birds             ring nos. 1-20, and Any Other Variety.

Sept 24th          Ipswich BS V Mid Essex BS interclub bird show competition: 20 birds from each             club: 10 from Champion/ Intermediate and 10 from Novice/Beginner sections.


Oct 22nd                Visiting speaker : Terry Tuxford.

Nov 19th                Social evening, plus auction and sale of birds and equipment.

Dec ??                  Christmas function (TBA)






JANUARY 23rd      AGM All members please try to attend

FEBRUARY 27th     Member of the Year/Results of Breeder of the Year 2013 Competition

Club Quiz Night ~ David Rafis  +  Table competition ~ Green series, including Grey Greens

MARCH 27th           SPEAKER: Roy Aplin, President of the Budgerigar Society. . Table competition ~ Blue series,

including Greys

 APRIL 24th             Panel Night where a Beginner, Novice, Intermediate & Champion answer members’                                               questions Table competition ~ Any Colour  Opaline, Cinnamon & Opaline Cinnamon.

MAY 11th                Aviary Visit

MAY 22nd               SPEAKER: Ghalib Al-Nasser – The new BS Classification + Table competition ~ Any Redeye

JUNE 8th                 Annual BBQ ~ plus Young Stock Show at Peter & Sandra’s.

Members & Partners free, additional guests £5. Judge: Dave Tutty                                      

JUNE 26th               SPEAKER: Ian Ward & Michelle Rogers ~ Show Preparation             

                                                          “It’s a Knockout” competition. Show preparation, allocated tasks.

Table competition ~ Spangles & Dominant Pieds

JULY 24th               SPEAKER: Geoff Murrells ~ My Life in the Hobby

What’s My Bird?         Final Show arrangements.

Table competition ~ Nominated ring numbers (2 birds) 2014 bred

JULY 27th                OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW  Great Blakenham Village Hall, Mill Lane,  Great Blakenham,                                                 Ipswich, Suffolk, IP6 0NJ.

AUGUST 28th          SPEAKER: Ian Standley  Table competition ~ All other varieties

SEPTEMBER 25th    SPEAKER: Gren Norris

OCTOBER 23rd        Panel night where a Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Champion answer questions from                                                 members.

NOVEMBER 20th     Fun auction & Social evening

DECEMBER ??        Meal out to be arranged