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This area is reserved for members who wish to advertise their birds for sale.If you wish to advertise your birds here and are a member of the club please contact the web master.


Date of Advert 21/09/2021.

Ghalib and Janice Al-Nasser have birds for sale of various colours from £15.

No odd Hens. Telephone 01787 282332 for further details.

Or visit our web site at


Date of Advert 10/07/2020

Member Martin Frost

Martin Frost has a number of birds for sale all colours

prices range from 20 pounds upwards.

Martin is a long time established champion breeder

contact Martin on 01245 223261 or


Date of advert 08/04/2019


John Gibbens

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Early 2024 Birds

John Gibbens

Late  2022 and 2023 Birds

Most Colours including violets, Pieds (Violet Pieds)and Lutino

All From good lines including Geoff Murrells,Peter and Sandra Stevens and Martin Frost

Prices from £25 to £50 depending on quality and variety.


Contact John Gibbens  

Ipswich BS Member  G3893 Intermediate Exhibitor (Uk BS Table 60th breeder exhibitor)

New Web site Please visit for details and pictures of available birds.            

Text or call 07718184436  or email

Sudbury Suffolk area

Date of advert 18/01/2024


Member Peter and Sandra Stevens Partbership

Exhibition Budgies for Sale .

Peter and Sandra are well known Intermediate Breeders and Showers of Budgies. They are well known on the Show bench and are Tiresop Ten Placed On the BS Leader board (2019)

Birds of most colours are usually  available for sale. Prices are normaly in the £20 range.

Peter is based in Langham Essex (next to the A12) and can be contacted on 01206 797655 or 07484797655


Date of advert 10/06/2020


Members Steve and Bill Squires


This well known partnership now has available for sale quality exhibition birds.After a good breeding season.we have some surplus birds for sale mainly 2019 and 20120 rung.Prices are from £20 each.

2020 rung Birds


For further details please contact Bill who is based in Ipswich on 01473 715513



Date of advert 01/08/2020


Member Dave Gardiner

Allways have Birds for sale>exhibition birds and pet birds.Most Colours.Large stock of 200 birds to choose from.

Suffolk Essex border.

Contact Dave on 07305509880