October2023 meeting

The October 2023 meeting was a three sided affair. The well known Champion exhibitor Bev Hutt attended the meeting to judge our annual Peter’s Swindle competition and to give a talk about bird preparation for shows. There was also the conclusion of the years table shows to be judged.

First off was the Swindle competition. This is where the breeder nominates 1 or 2 ring numbers before the breeding season commences. The breeder then carefully decides on which baby this ring will be placed. These birds are then presented and judged each October. The member pays £5 for each ring nomination and the proceeds are split between the first 5 placed bird. Bev has performed this judging before and knows it is keenly contested. It is interesting to note that although most members compete and pay into the swindle, only seven birds were presented.

The order of merit was as follows 

1st with a splendid Grey Green cock was Ghalib and Janice Al-Nassser 


Bev Hutt Judging the birds

Second was Andy Brooks with a Grey cinnamon Yellow face hen 

Third was John Gibbens with a Light Green Opaline Spangle

Fourth was Alan Baker with a light green cock 

fifth was Martin Frost with a cobalt cinnamon Hen 


Next the Table show as judged. This month concentrating on the blue series 

First place for the Normal Blue was John Gibbens with a Sky Blue Hen 


John Gibbens best Sky Blue

Peter and Sandra Stevens won the best Blue Cinnamon with a Sky Blue cock. Andy Brooks won the Albino class with his Albino hen.

Points awarded this month was as follows

Peter and Sandra Stevens 25 points

Andy Brooks 25 points

John Gibbens 10 points 

Alan Baker 5 points

Martin Frost 3 points 




In the second half of the evening Bev Gave a informative presentation on Bird preparation for the shows.

Bev brought a couple of heavily spotted birds to demonstrate her way of spotting a bird. Bev does not use tweezers to pull the spots but prefers to use spring loaded clippers to cut the feather away, this leaves a better line to the face and avoids having to re pull the spots 4 weeks later. Bev also explained her use of hydrogen peroxide which is used to remove blood from the feathers. At the conclusion of the meeting Peter the club president presented Bev with a bouquet of flowers as a way of the appreciation for her attendance and assistance with the evening events.

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