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This area is reserved for members who wish to advertise their birds for sale.If you wish to advertise your birds here and are a member of the club please contact the web master


John Gibbens

Late 2018 and early 2019 Birds

Most Colours including violets, Pieds and Lutino

All From good lines including Geoff Murrells,Peter and Sandra Stevens and Martin Frost

Prices from £10 – £25 depending on quality and variety.

Contact John Gibbens  

Ipswich BS Member                

Text or call 07718184436 or 01787312444 or email

Sudbury Suffolk area

Date of advert 08/04/2019


Member Tim Foddy

Exhibition Budgies for Sale .

I have 12 of my reserve birds for sale 8 Cocks 4 Hens.Mainly 2018 birds but some are older.All related to Brian Sweeting out crosses I have bought over the years.Any sensible offers considered.Ring Tim Foddy on 07729714667

Date of advert 08/04/2019

Member Martin Frost

Martin Frost has a number of birds for sale all colours

prices range from 20 pounds upwards.

Martin is a long time established champion breeder

contact Martin on 01245 223261 or 07956479390

Date of advert 08/04/2019

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