Members Aviary visit June 2022



 Members Peter and Sandra Stevens,Ghalib nad Janice Al-Nasser,Graham Barton and George Mcmillan of the society had a wonderful weekend in early June during the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations when they went out on aviary visits to 3 well established and successful studs.

On Saturday they drove to Liverpool to visit the B.S. Club Show winning stud of Frank, Carol and Jo McGovern and enjoyed viewing super birds and the wonderful hospitality of the McGovern family. After a night’s stay in Crewe, there followed a visit to Alan & Gina Adams in Nantwich and again members were entertained by viewing another excellent stud with quality birds and the hospitality of Alan & Gina. Their final call on the way back home was a stop in Stoke-on-Trent visiting Ray & Judy Warrender and again seeing a great stud and enjoying great hospitality.

The members who went on that weekend’s aviary safari had a wonderful relaxing and enjoyable weekend viewing 3 great studs and coming back with outcrosses from each stud.


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