March 2024 Meeting

IPSWICH B.S. MARCH MEETING                                                         by Ghalib Al-Nasser


The society had an interesting meeting with a difference for its March meeting when Don Turner was the guest speaker. In introducing him, the chairman, Ghalib Al-Nasser, said that Don had birds since childhood starting with birds of prey then hardbills and now softbills. He is a founder member of a Softbill Show / Sales Day held in Risby and a regular Cage & Aviary Bird contributor.


Mr. Turner’s chosen subject was “Keeping Softbills” and with the aid of a Power Point presentation he explained the different types of softbills, their housing needs and what one needs to supply them for breeding.  He looked at aviary types and the fact you can use planted aviaries as they do not eat the vegetation.  Also, he looked at what food is commercially available for birds as well as what can be used to extend your budget. Mr. Turner also discussed the types and quantities of live food necessary for breeding softbill birds and the delicate selection of birds that can be kept together. 

Mr. Turner also discussed what birds he personally kept and the ease, or not, of breeding such birds.  He also gave insight into his set-up and what inventions he made to keep live food fresh and alive, how to feed them to the birds without escaping including harvesting wild live food by the use of a moth trap.  

It was a most enjoyable evening with a difference and club members had lots of questions, which was nice to receive by the speaker. 



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