A selection of the Winning birds from the 2018 show. further images to follow when time permits


Well done to all those winners

D Leadbetter CC winning Grey Cock AA

P Barber CC winning Opaline Blue Hen  YB

G Murrells CC winning Opaline Grey AA

M Frost CC winning Sky blue Cock AA

Geoff Murrells CC Winning Grey Green Cock AA

Terheege and Partners CC winning Cin Green Hen AA

P Barber CC winning Opaline Blue series Hen YB

P Barber CC winning Cin Opaline YB

Bill nad Steve Squires CC winning Grey Green Hen YB

Steve and Bill Squires CC wining Sky blue Cock YB

M Bannister CC winning Albino Cock


Bill and Steve Squires CC winning Yellow face Cock

K Shillings CC winning Spangle Green Cock AA

Whittaker Wright and Humby CC winning Crest Hen

K Shilling CC winning D/F Cock

Bill Hewitt CC winning Crest Cock AA


P Barber CC winning D/F Cock AA

Dave Raffis  CC winning Rare Variety Cock

Ivan Thorogood Opaline Cinnamon Cock

G and J Al-Nasser Yellow Wing Cock

K Shillings Spangle Green cock


Ellis and Mathews Spangle Blue Cock

Whittaker-Wright-Humby Whitewing Hen

G and J Al-Nasser Whitewing Cock

Terheege and Partners Any other colour Cock

Gavin Carter Dominant pies cock

M Bannister Any other Colour Hen

Best Team G and J Al-Nasser






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