Ipswich and BSE joint open Show 2021 Confirmed

The club committee had discussed a proposal made by Ghalib that the Ipswich should join BSE this year in a joint show and that it had been decided that this was a good idea and that the joint show will go ahead at Great Blakenham on 25th September. 

Members have agreed to a all hands on approach and will assist with all aspects of the show.

below is the email proposal from Ghalib how runs the BSE show.


As you all know by now Bury St. Edmunds Budgerigar Fanciers (not a club but a show run now by just Janice and I for this year) are holding their silver championship show on Saturday 25th September 2021 at our own show venue in Great Blakenham.

As you also know that I always wear more than one hat on my small head so for now I am asking you in my capacity as your society President and Show Organiser (I am show manager of the Bury show and Janice is show secretary) to consider the concept of running a joint combined show under the banner Bury St. Edmunds BF & Ipswich BS Combined Silver Championship Show at no financial cost to the society rather than the club missing out on a show.

Let me outline my proposal:

The Bury funds will pay for the hall, schedule and catalogue printing and all postage, prize money, rosettes, judges, patronage etc. so there is no expenditure from the Ipswich club at all.

In return I need your help with the staging and manpower.

Lunches will be Fish/Chicken & Chips and I have already arranged with Sandra to run the canteen for refreshments etc.

At the door we shall sell catalogues and raffles and with the door entry fee to the show I am proposing to share that 50:50 with Ipswich BS. In the past on average the Bury show got in the region of £140 so the club will get 50% of that takings.

What I ask for, apart from the help, is anyone wishes to advertise in the schedule then that will be £10 for half page. Also, I usually get the rosettes sponsored so for each section the rosette sponsorship will be £10 as well and of course the name of the sponsor will be on one tail (I need 9 sponsors in total). These will be for the Bury show as well as if we run an extra raffle like a show cage raffle which I will obtain will be for Bury.

Trophies – we usually have our trophies at the show to present to winners and it will be nice to do so as well as if we are running the Ipswich show on its own. The trophies are always at the show for open competition and the presentation will be one of my last duties as President before I hand over to David Rafis at the next AGM.

As I need to go to print with the schedule soon I will need a collective answer from the Ipswich club soon so I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Will there be a volunteer to be in charge of getting adverts and sponsors please?

If you have more questions then please come back to me soon.

Best regards

Ghalib Al-Nasser


Ghalib will send me a electronic copy of the schedual which i will place on the page 

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