First Meeting since Lockdown ended July2021

At the clubs first post lockdown meeting on the 22nd July 2021 the club welcomed the guest speaker the much travelled and well known Colin O’Hara the Parrot man.The chairman Bill Squires introduced him for those that did not know as follows:-


Colin did a great deal for the Parrot Society during his chairmanship. One of his best pieces of work was in representing the hobbyist bird breeders on the working parties in respect of the Animal Welfare Bill. He has meetings with the MP’s and Government ministers and frequently visited Downing Street. Colin presentation included slides of birds and the places he had visited around the world. And the birds he keeps himself. It was interesting to note That Parrot Breeders do not breed to increase the size of any part of the bird but rather to increase the depths of colours and mutations

The members enjoyed the whole evening and Colin was presented with a token from the club that was presented by Sandra Stevens. Thank you Colin for something very different that a Budgie Club rarely has an opportunity to see

A good write up for us in cage and aviary birds…

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