February 2024 Meeting

The monthly meeting was held on 24/2/24 with 13 members present and apologies from Gahlib Janice Darren and Dave Gardner.
Graham took the chair and informed us that Geoff was now at home and awaiting a return to hospital. We all send our best wishes.
A few dates for up coming meetings
March 28. Guest speaker Don Turner (soft bills)
April 25. Guest speaker tbc.
May 23. Young bird show.
June27. Guest speaker tbc and colour competition.
June 30. BQ and inter club competition.
July 25. Pre show prep and colour competition.
July 28. Club show and area show double cc.
August 22. Show debrief and colour competition.
September 26. Open forum on breeding season.
October 5. LEA Specialist show.
October 24. Peter’s swindle and colour competition.
November 22. Auction.
December Xmas dinner tbc.
January 23 2025 AGM.
Further details to be confirmed.
   A general discussion on various topics including breeding, shows and BS elections etc.
  A vote was held for member of the year and was awarded to Andy (well deserved).

  Meeting closed at 10 on.

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