February 2019 Meeting

This month was very well attended with 29 members present 

Bill commenced the meting with general normal business.

Ghalib and Janice 1st place bird (champion)

At the conclusion of the first half. Birds were brought out to be judged. This was a new table show to the society in which members were encouraged to bring birds that for various reasons would not normally be taken to a show. For example the birds could be missing significant feathers or long flights and tails.

there was a good turn out of birds brought by members. Geoff Murrells agreed to judge the birds 

Geoff decided the following places

Best overall bird 

Ghallib and Janice Al-Nasser

Best chapion bird 

Ghallib and Janice Al-Nassert

2nd best Champion bird

Ghallib and Janice Al-Nassert

3rd best champion bird 

Peter and Sandra Stevens

Best Novice Bird 

Bill Hewett 

2nd Best Novice 

John Gibbens

3rd Best Novice 

John Gibbens

Best Junior 

Hary Fordham


Geoff then explained and clarified the faults on the birds and why he made his decisions. A discussion then followed about unshowable birds.

There was then a interesting  general discussion between members about how the breeding season is going .

Bill then concluded the meeting 


Ghalib and Janice 1st place bird (champion)



Harry best junior bird

Members receiving their awards

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