Club Aviary visit to Martin Frost

This years visit went to our own club members home of Martin Frost.

Martin lives with his wife at a lovely Rural location in Mid Essex.

Members arrived around 1200 and were given early refreshments followed by a trip into the bird room. Martins Bird room was big enough to accommodate all the members who were all impressed by the quality of birds in the room. Martin had a few pairs still breeding. Some of His young birds were outstanding in particular his Pieds.

Some of his adult birds were recognised by members.As they were award winning birds from this and last years shows.

Following the viewing.Members were treated to a lovely lunch,kindly prepared by Martins Wife.

Both Mr and Mrs Frost were  thanked by Bill the Chairman  for their kind generosity in allowing the members to visit and to lay on such a good spread.

Martin has a few birds for sale,If any one is interested please give him a call.  


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