August 2021 meeting


August 20121 meeting was well supported with 14 members present.

Chairman Bill opened the meeting and then went on to disclose that the club committee had discussed a proposal made by Ghalib that the Ipswich should join BSE this year in a joint show and that it had been decided that this was a good idea and that the joint show will go ahead at Great Blakenham on 25th September. The finer details were discussed.

Ghallib then conducted his visual presentation on Show management. From his initiation in 1972 to date,covering every aspect of show management. That would fill a book itself. His opening line was the running a show is all about team work. There are no courses or exams, it is purely learning from experienced fanciers like he did and working his way up to running the shows. Everything was covered in detail including,obtaining Judges and accomadation,Bio security,schedual circulation,stewards,erection of staging.There was snippets of the rewards and frustrations over the years some amusing and some surprising.

The presentation was well received, at the conclusion Ghalib was presented with a small goblet

Ghallib All-Nasser with Bill Squires

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