August 2019 Meeting

The August monthly meeting was held on the 22nd.23 Members were in attendance.

Following the chairmans Bill Squires advising of apologies for absence which included The Al-Nassers.He welcomed yest another junior member Ellise Fordham. The third member of the family to join.More |fordhams are expected to join in the future.

The Annual show report followed but not before thanking Martin and Sharon Frost for the wonderful food and reception on the members aviary visit on the 17th of August 

On the Show report,Peter Stevens reported that the exhibitors and the entry benched was down from the previous year.He said the show went well without any significant issues.He thanked all those who supported him and to those who worked on the paperwork side on the day.

George Mcmillan the show manager thanked all those who assisted as well.

Particular thanks went to Sandra Stevens,Sue Boyes and Bill Hewit  who spent the day in the kitchen. Bill was indispensable in the kitchen.

On the account side Sue stated that the show had made a profit of £44 (a show normally loses money).

John Gibbens said that most of the birds that were placed for sale was sold.

Then it was down to a great fish and chip supper provided by the club to all the members present.

following this there was a quiz hosted by David Rafis enjoyed by all.The wining team were treated with a banana each .


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