Annual Combined Members show and BBQ

The club held its annual combined Members show and BBQ on Sunday 3rd July 2022

The event was well attended with 25 attending with a good proportion bringing some birds to be judged. A total of 62 birds were exhibited. The club thanks went to Peter and Sandra Stevens for hosting and organising the event in their grounds and George MacMillan for agreeing to judge the birds. The weather was perfect for the BBQ. The Gathering was a great success where members could relax and talk in a great setting.

The members were competing for 4 trophies. The successful exhibitors this year were Peter and Sandra with the best in show with a Year bred Grey Green, and Best Opposite sex Any age with a Grey Opaline Hen. Bill and Steve Squires was awarded best Any age with a sky Blue pied and best Opposite sex year bred with a Sky Cinnamon Hen.   


A selection of Winning birds


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