Peters Swindle Competition

Peters Swindle is an annual event run by Peter Stevens.


It is a a interesting competition along the following lines

One or Two ring numbers are chosen by the members. These rings are then placed on the chicks that the members think will be their best birds. it is purely a guess as the members has no real idea how the bird will develop into adult hood. In October all the birds are brought for a table top competition and go up against each other

members pay five pounds for each ring number selected (up to a maximum of two)

The prize money is divided as follows 1st sixty pounds 2nd Forty pounds 3rd thirty pounds 4th then pounds.

The following members have agreed to take part :

Name                               ring numbers   Identification number

Peter Stevens                        3 &2                  S6948

George McMillan                  3 &4                  Gem1

Graham Barton                     7&13                GJB7

Geoff Murrells                       7&3                   M3397

Richard Mann                         7&18                RM64

Brian                                        1&5                   M6078

Dave Stephenson                   7&17                S7074

Alan Bacon                               3                       B6474

Martin Frost                             15                      FB754

Ghalib and Janice                    7&15                 AA1088

Bill and Steve                           71&89               S6888

David Rafis                                1&2                   R3697

Bill Hewitt                                  6&9

John Gibbens                            1&2                   G3897

Darren                                        16&22


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