May 2022 Meeting






The society held their Nest Feather/Barhead and Moulted Out bird show at their May meeting and invited Adrian Terheege to judge the two classes. There was a total of 24 birds in the two classes from 6 exhibitors and the partnership of Stephen & Bill Squires won both classes.


In the Barhead class the Squires won the first 3 places with a cinnamon skyblue hen followed by their grey cock and grey hen. In the Moulted Out class, the Squires partnership won the class with a spangle cobalt hen while Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser followed with a cinnamon grey cock and albino hen in second and third place.


After the break Adrian gave a power point presentation about Recessive Pieds and how their partnership consisting of Adrian, his partner Emma and his father Trevor breed the variety and the success that they achieved with them in a short period of time.


Adrian’s talk focused on the explanation of the variety and its distinguished marking from the colour of the cere, beak, eye and the wing marking. Adrian further explained the Dark-Eyed Clear variety which is a composite variety between the Recessive Pied and the Clearflight. Further explanation about the Recessive Pied splits which usually have a small head patch on the back of the head.


Adrian highlighted the common faults with the Recessive Pied variety with the flecking or the excessive wing marking. A normal mistake with identification between the Recessive Pied and the double factor Dominant Pied which is clearer on marking but with the iris ring around the eye that the Recessive Pied does not have.


Adrian further enhanced his presentation by explaining the genetical expectation of the variety and the best pairing to achieve quality birds that resulted in the partnership winning best young bird in show at last year’s London & Southern Counties BS area championship show with a Recessive Pied hen.


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