March 2022 meeting

This months meeting was well attended by 15 members.

The chairman opened the meeting and a few admin matters were discussed. The club also runs a small Face book group. To date there has been no need for any. It has been accepted that the group only exists for general chat and the posting of images. It is not there for any political discussion and not for general lobbying by the members(friends). As such a person who uses the name EBUK was using the group to voice his/her dissatisfaction of the BS. This club is a supporter of the BS and its values. and does not appreciate the Facebook page being used in this way. As a consequence a vote was taken to implement some basic rules and to remove EBUK as a friend. No pseudonym names will be permitted. 

The chairman then introduced the evening guests Dave Leadbetter and Peter Barber. Dave and Peter are well known in East Anglia for the quality of their birds. They both live in Norfolk and have links with the West Norfolk and Norwich budgie clubs. Both have recently been very successful on the show circuit.

There was then a very interesting question and answer session. Where many topics were discussed including breeding, showing and where the hobby is going in particular working towards breeding more healthy birds that can fly, are easier to breed more fertile and live longer. A number of members stated they were drifting away from showing birds (that many look nothing like the show standard) as unless you were prepared to breed these large unhealthy birds with their inherent issues they could not win anything of substance. it was agreed that miniature budgies are much more healthy live much longer and breed freely and that they were becoming more popular because of this.

It was hoped that Ipswich BS would support the Norfolk shows and be reciprocated by them in attending our show.

It was a good informative discussion all round. At the end of the evening Bill thanked our guests and The president Ghalib presented them with a small token of our appreciation.

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