March 2017 Meeting

Audio file of the first half of the meeting

A good turn out tonight
The Chairman Graham opened the meeting with congratulations to the members who were noted in the BS magazine breeder of the year section. In particular
Bill and Steven Squires – Second Intermediate section
Peter and Sandra Stevens – Third in the Novice Section
Gallib and Janice AlNasser – sixth in the CC league table
There was a wide spread of CC winners from all sections of the club

A discussion was made involving a few amendments for the programmed of events. The new schedule else where on this web site reflects the decisions made.
There was a discussion about the French Moult Survey that John Has proposed. The questionnaire is now complete and members were asked to review the document to make any suggestions for improvement It was agreed that they survey should take place with a view to hopefully engaging with other local clubs who may be persuaded to participate (there is another section on this web site that contains full details of this.

A secret ballot was made from the members present to choose the Societies member of the year. A firm favourite in George McMillan was voted the societies choice. The cup was presented to him by the club president Sandra Stevens.

Members who are taking part in Peters swindle are asked to pay peter at their earliest convenience.

The members were informed that this web site is now up and running and members are encouraged to engage and use the site
Previous minutes dating back to 1967 and onward have surfaced and handed to the secretary. Some of these will be scanned and placed on the web site as historical documents. It is hoped that the past presidents list can be updated from these document.

Peter and Sandra were confirmed as the overall winners of the most points competition for birds brought and exhibited in the monthly table shows to the previous year’s meetings.

The rest of the evening was devoted to a interesting competition involving the identification of rare birds. the members were divided into three groups who then had to identify birds without seeing them by asking 10 questions.The winning group received some nice chocolate bunnies (hence the picture of them holding up their bunnies)

Next month will be a interesting talk by Ghalib on colour and genetics supported by a table show of rares and specialist varieties see you there – John

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