April 2017 meeting


April 2017 monthly meeting


A good turn out tonight with over twenty members present

Graham started the meeting on time

Graham stated that he had chosen a new  company to supply the rosettes for the forthcoming shows as the previous supplier was beginning to prove unreliable is his responses to update requests.

Bill later stated that the ne Judges’ stands were now finished and available for use at the next shows.

He asked if anyone would be interested in buying the old stands. If anyone is interested please contact bill or Peter

There being very little in the way of formal matters to discuss the meeting moved on to a presentation by Ghalib assisted by Janice.

The presentation was most informative and centred on the hereditary breeding of various colours of budgerigars. Ghalib employed the use of his laptop and projector which provided a good visual aide to the presentation. The presentation was recorded as a digital audio file which is available for download.

The members were most interested in the subject and provided many questions to Ghalib which he answered in a most knowledgeable fashion. The members were most appreciative.

Following this Gahlib judged the birds brought on for a table competition for rare breed budgies. This was well supported with 19 exhibits. To be seen included spangles pied’s, yellows and clearwings

Bills Spangle was judged to be the best bird of the night (not sure what colour it is perhaps a member could clarify) followed by John’s double factor spangle and Dave’s Grey spangle.

The photos of the birds are uploaded onto the page. A short video is also available for download.


Members relaxing

Bill with his winning bird


members attending

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