Details of this years colour competition will be displayed here

Points to date  (out of a possible 60)

Peter and Sandra Stevens 49

John Gibbens 38

George McMillan 25

David Raffis 14

Bill Squires 13

Bill Hewitt 1

David Wyatt 1

The competition had its second event in April. 20 birds were entered by 6 members.

Class 4 – Any Normal Cinnamon or Opaline Cinnamon

1st – John

2nd Peter and Sandra

3rd Peter and Sandra

John’s winning Cinnamon

Class 5 Any colour Spangle Dom Pied Yellow face

1st – Peter and Sandra

2nd George

3rd George

4th Bill

5th  George

Peter and Sandra’s winning Spangle

Class 6 – Any red eyed Variety

1st – John

2nd – David R

3rd John

4th – David R

5th – David R

John’s Winning Lutino

The scores on the night were as follows

John 25 points

Peter and Sandra 22 points

George 10 points

Bill and Steve 3 points

David R 11 points


The competition kicked off at the February meeting 23 birds were exhibited with the following results

Class 1- Any Normal Green Series bird Inc. Grey Green

1st  – Peter and Sandra Stevens

2nd Bill Squires

3rd George Mcmillan

4th John Gibbens

5th David Wyatt

Peters winning bird above

Any Normal Blue Series bird Inc. Grey.

1st Peter and Sandra Stevens

2nd Peter and Sandra Stevens

3rd George McMillan

4th Bill Squires

5th George McMillan

Peter and Sandra winning bird above

Any Pied Variety Inc Dark Eyed Clears.

1st John Gibbens

2nd Peter and Sandra Stevens

3rd George McMillan

4th David Raffis

5th Bill Hewitt

Johns Winning bird above



For clarity the rules for the competition are listed below


Rules for the  Ipswich Budgerigar Society Yearly  Colour  Competition.

There will be nine colour competitions over three meetings throughout the year


February 22nd –                                Class 1- Any Normal Green Series bird Inc. Grey Green.

Class 2- Any Normal Blue Series bird Inc. Grey.

Class 3 – Any Pied Variety Inc Dark Eyed Clears.

April 26th –                                        Class 4 – Any  Normal Cinnamon or Opaline Cinnamon.

Class 5 – Any Colour Spangle Inc. Double factors

Class 6 – Any Red eyed Variety

Sept 20th                                             Class 7 – Any Opaline Blue or Green series Inc Grey Factor.

Class 8 – Any Rare Variety.

Class 9 – Any Yellow-face Variety


  • Members can enter as many birds as they like for each of the nine   However Points will only be awarded to the top three birds from each exhibitor for each evening.(i.e. max points per eve = 30pts)
  • Champion/Intermediate/Novice/Beginner will all enter the same class.
  • Points will be awarded for the top five positions in each class

1st = 10 points 2nd = 7 points 3rd = 5 points 4th = 3 points 5th =1 point

  • All 9 classes will count towards the cumulative total.
  • The prize money will be a total of £60 and will be divided as follows

Champion/Intermediate 1st = £15   Champion/Intermediate 2nd =£10

Beginner/Novice               1st =£15    Beginner/Novice   2nd £10

Overall winner (Colour Comp champion) all sections +£10 .

  • The Secretary will make note and keep a record of the points won and will update the web site accordingly. The winners will be announced at the conclusion of the last competition.


  • The Secretary and Chairman will confer and mediate and resolve any disputes or complaints.



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